Friday, 29 August 2014

Ladies, 10 Signs to Know He's a Good Man - By Lyz Wainaina

Lyz Wainaina
The debate continues to roar as to what defines a good man and what doesn’t. Nowadays, many ladies believe he’s good enough if he can cater for your needs and make you comfortable. They say forget about the fact that he’s cheated, if he can afford your expenses he’s good enough.

Ladies, it's great to have a man who has a good job and is financially stable, but by no means should that be the deciding factor on whether he’s a GOOD man or not. Well, in case you have been wondering, here's some of the ways to know he's a good man.

1. He's faithful and committed to you. A good man doesn't play games of cheating on you. He's mature, principled and focused to your relationship. He doesn't treat you as an option, or someone he's doing a favour being in a relationship with. His words and actions affirm without a shadow of a doubt his commitment and love to you. Ladies, I know this kind of men are few to find, but it doesn't mean they don't exist.

2. He treats women with respect: No woman wants an arrogant, proud and disrespectful man. If a man respects women in general, it's a good sign that he will show you the same respect.

3. He’s honest and trustworthy: By all account, he may not be Angel Gabriel pulled right from the pages of the Old Testament, but ladies, there’s something to be said about an honest man. Show me an honest and trustworthy man and I will show you a good man. 

4. He keeps his word with you: Forget about the loud mouths who only talk big but do nothing. A really good sign of a good man is he keeps his word with you. If he says he going to do something he does it because disappointing you is the last thing he wants to do. Ladies, if you meet such a man, hang on to him because they are few to find. 

5. He spends quality time with you: If a man truly loves you, he will create time for you - don't get it twisted, it's that simple my dear. However, if he's always busy, always rushing somewhere, always chasing something and keeps standing you up, sweetheart, that's a red flag right there. Quality time is VERY important for a healthy relationship. If a man loves being with you and spending quality time, that’s a great sign.

6. He shows you how he feels: Ever heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words”? that’s one of the truest sayings in the world. Anyone can say “I love you” or “I care about you” but the question is…. do they show it?

7. He listens to you: Listening is one of the most underrated qualities. It’s annoying when a man over talks me or constantly cuts me off or just seems uninterested in what I have to say. When a man listens to you and hears what you are saying, it shows what you have to say matters to him.

8. He respects you: When a man respects you, it shows in every way, the way he speaks to you, the way he speaks about you to others, little things he does like opening the door, calling you just to check on you, constantly complimenting you... etc. 

9. When you have a bad day he tries to make it better: When you are having one of those not-so-good days, he tries to put a smile on your face or make you laugh because seeing you sad hurts him. And finally...

10. He accepts you for who YOU are: Sometime men will get with a woman and then start requesting changes. “stop wearing so much makeup” or “stop hanging up with your friends" or better still "why are you wearing that outfit”.. a good guys loves and accepts you just the way you are. 


  1. Wow this is really interesting.. Thanks for this blog..

  2. Nice article but are we (Men) going to give much attention to our women or look for basic necessity?? ok what of if all listed is provided and the lady doesn't appreciate?? Kwani is she a baby??? NO!!!!! The fact remains am the husband and you are the wife. TREAT ME LIKE A KING.

    1. Wow! No, she's not a baby, but if you expect to be treated like a King, then treat her like the queen she is.

  3. True, thanks for reminding us of the basics.

  4. I really needed this.Nice article and thank you.