Friday, 26 August 2016

The Case of the EX

My  ex called me yesterday. The call lasted for 49 minutes, of which 43 minutes involved me listening to her long unwinding monologue. Don't worry the Nairobi traffic jam taught me years ago that small matter of patience. So, I listened and listened as she wondered about her life, her career, her family, her love-life... her... her... her...

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Yes, I am happily married, but its none of your business

He was wearing one of those looks that says virginity is only found in olive oil imported from the Middle East. He tapped me on the shoulders with an air of audacity borrowed from village circumcisers. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Your show-off purchase is not your achievement By Sunny Bindra

"We must not raise our children to aspire be consumers; we must raise them to be productive. Too many children are being brought up to be overfed and overindulged, whose only ambition is to be able to shop in Dubai malls. That would be a catastrophic mistake. Children must understand how genuine wealth is generated, not just how it is squandered. The ability to consume is a byproduct of being productive. It is not the point of life."
I came across this amazing article by Sunny Bindra, a management consultant, writer and teacher based in Nairobi, and I thought I should share. It gives a clear perspective of what life is, and should be, especially in terms of our priorities and what we perceive as success and achievement. Hope you find it useful as I did. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Till a Mzungu Do Us Part

I haven't seen or heard from Faith for a long time. Understandably so. Since she landed that odiero (white man), she went into hibernation or rather blocked all her friends from her new found glorious life. 

For those fortunate enough to still have her as a follower on Twiraa would be treated to occasional quotes of Swami Sivananda on her timeline. Forgive me, but I am always very suspicious of peeps who endlessly post quotes on social media. Prof. Kimani told me in Psychology class that such are troubled souls seeking either attention or consolation. But then again, who would trust a professor unable to pronounce: flabbergasted.