Friday, 22 September 2017

My sweet Nafula

Many moons ago - while the Nyayo milk was still part of the Kenyan school curriculum - my young tender heart was flabbergasted, bara gacha'd and sinfully smitten by the beauty of a village girl who at the time I believed held the keys to my paradise. If I had my way then, I would have bestowed her with a royal exotic name: Queen of Sinyereribury, after my village's name Sinyereri. However, the gods had their way, as they always do, and slapped her with a true indigenous African botanical name - Christine Nafula Shikoti. 

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

So, what exactly did a Kikuyu or Luo do to you?

I met Mike early this year when he applied for a communications consultancy job at my organization. He was a nice chap. Down to earth. Industrious. Knowledgeable. Skilled and always dressed to impress. I liked him immediately. As a result, I gave him the Kshs 4.2 million consultancy job.