About me

The shorter version about me is this: I'm a Communications Specialist, writer, blogger, motivational speaker, mentor and author of two CRAZY novels. I am also the founder of The Douglas Waudo Mentorship Program designed to provide mentoring opportunities for selected individuals committed to personal and professional development with the aim of equipping them to discover their purpose in life and maximise their God-given potential to become agents of change.

Then the loooonger version is this: I was born at a time when the Nyayo milk was still part of the school curriculum in the beautiful Trans Nzoia County in Kenya's Rift Valley region - and no I'm not an athelete. I got my primary education at Sitatunga Primary School and my secondary education at St. Joseph’s Boys High School, Kitale - and of course, I too used to be number one in my class. 

I have a Master’s Degree in Communication from Daystar University; a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from Mangolore University in India; a Diploma in Mass Communication from the Institute For Mass Communication Studies and Development (INCOSAD); a Diploma in Multimedia Studies from Media Africa and a Diploma in Multimedia Studies from Aloysius Institute of Computer Science in Mangalore, India.... phew! 

I have 9 years of progressive experience, skills and expertise working in development programs in international NGOs across various countries in Africa as a Communications Specialist.

By God's grace, I authored my first novel, FAR FROM HOME - Confessions of a Foreign Student, while studying in India when I was 25 years old. I have finished writing my second novel entitled: The Devil's Favourite Demons, which will be published soon. I am already working on my third novel: The Making of A Man, that will be followed by my fifth novel: Stop Dreaming. Start Doing. Heheh! stop rolling your eyes, I thought you read up there something in the neighbourhood of discovering our purpose in life and maximising our God-given potential to become agents of change. 

Yep! that's a little bit about myself. Simply put - I am your average boy next door who is passionate about writing. This blog basically exists to put a smile on your face through my writings. My writings by and large draws on the satirical, weird, hilarious and interesting happenings around me as I try to understand a world gone crazy.

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  1. What an inspiratin you are, Douglas!! And funny character too! Ha Ha Ha! Your writing style is captivating and just so you know, I'm obsessed about writing too. I guess I may as well need to be a beneficiary of LEMP- if at all I'm gonna be an agent of change in my generation.